What happened?

The Last Work of Art happened. Art has been declared dead before, but this was the final nail it the coffin.

Throughout history, artists have been looking for the boundaries of art, trying to cross said boundaries, and succeeding at it. At first, critics and schools will not accept such success as art, but eventually they will, watering down what art actually is. Basically, art has self-assimilating properties.

Through various movements like abstraction, instant art, and accidental beauty, art has become more and more blurry. The last work of art watered art down infinitely by declaring everything (including nothing, and the absence of everything, including nothing) as a work of art. Since then, art no longer has a context, and in that sense, no longer exists.

So… what do we do now?

0. Abandon

Let go of all preconceived notions of what art should be, who it should be for, and what art movement it should belong to.

1. Intuition

Use that je ne sais quoi that makes you an artist to lead the way. If you feel it needs blue, add blue.

2. Logic

If you stumble on creators block, or just don’t have a specific preference for a certain decision, try to find a logical next step. Mathematics and physics are good places to look, but any source will do.

3. Randomness

If both your feelings as your logic do not provide a clear solution, have faith decide. You could write a bit of software to do the trick, or you could just throw some dice (or paint).